Wow! Daytime TV is NOT trashy at all, right? As I write, I am listening to the Tyra Banks' show and the topic is Bromance. Can I just say that I'm glad Keith is not involved in a bromance - I mean these guys are taking kissy pictures and grabbing eachother's butts. WHAT?! But admit they are totally straight. What?! I just find the whole phenomenon totally bizarre. Anyway, since my brain is rotting I thought I'd bust out a cool Ikea find - Popsicle molds! I poured apple-strawberry juice in them a few days ago and finally remembered to get one out for Cameron. He cried when it was gone. The kid loves otter pops, so this was right up his alley :)

Check it out:

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  1. when you come back to oregon we could have a bromance...chickmance....? So, that popsicle look awesome and I want one.


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