Not me monday

No, this past week has not been all about packing EVERYTHING WE OWN up.

We did not pack up all of our belongings, put most of them in storage and we certainly did not make plans to have just the essentials moved in with Katie and Collin.

I did not concentrate so much on packing our condo up that I nearly forgot to pack myself up for our trip to Hawaii (and Oregon after). Nope, I did not end up with only 4 shirts for 2 weeks.

No, we did not opt to give Cameron Benadryl so he would be comfortable during the 5.5 hour flight and in hopes of adjusting him to the 3 hour time change here. Our "plan" definitely did not work and he most certainly did not sleep 4 hours on that flight!

We have not been having a fabulous time here...and never would have gone to the beach and managed to "score" some serious sunburns (except Cam, of course). I am not secretly sort of happy about my burn because I will not become tan when the scarlet fades.

[keith was excited about the big hole
he dug with Rebekah & Rachel]

[Sweet hula girl on our door]



[Steph and Matt = "special"]

There has not been some sweet snorkeling and I was not "stalked" by a fish who brought his friends and I did not seriously think they were going to try and eat me. I was not screaming underwater!!! (Wuss!)

[3 sisters]

[tunnels beach]

[Keith and Bill on a kayak]

[enjoying a smoothie with grandpa]

[Rachel and Bekah]
...and NO! Cameron has not been having an awesome time with his aunties and cousin Jaden and did not score a HUGE goose-egg on his forehead from slamming into the wall while they played. OUCH

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  1. WAIT?! YOU ARE BACK IN HAWAII, AGAIN!? What are you? LIKE THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH!? And you are moving to Oregon soon? I'm trying to get all caught up on your blog... blah!


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