fun fact Friday

I thought it would be fun to start a Friday tradition full of random "fun" facts about los Claytons. Here goes.

  1. Keith and Melissa met in high school. Keith was a mouth breather and always had his mouth open - Melissa thought it funny to laugh at him.
  2. Cameron will be 18 months old April 9th. We think he's just adorable. You should too :)
  3. We would love to someday open our own frozen yogurt joint. We've seen it in action in SoCal and want to bring the love to our Central Oregon homies.
  4. Melissa's first job was at KFC while Keith was a bag boy at Safeway. Before we were dating, Keith bagged our groceries but totally broke our eggs. Bad bag boy!
  5. We took an ATV tour yesterday, seeing some of the most beautiful sights Kauai has to offer. We stopped for a swim in a waterfall where the guide was taking pictures (for us to buy later, of course! Swindlers!). Everyone else was doing Ninja kicks. When I tried this I butt-flopped on my seriously sunburned hiney. ouch.
  6. A few years ago we vacationed in Spain. We went to watch the running of the bulls in the city of Pamplona. The night before the bulls we spent the night in a park. Before deciding to do this, we found several sources that reported this was a VERY popular thing to do and that park would supposedly be filled with visitors also looking to avoid outrageous hostel/hotel charges. Well, we were alone. Sleeping under a tree in the rain and wondering where in the world everyone was. The only other people nearby were loud, drunken spaniards as they passed by. Craziness!

Well, I would really liked to have blogged about our stay here but I really just am too lazy to upload any pictures and tell stories. We do have some good things to share...it just might take some time. Mahalo and Aloha!

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