This is our LAST night in our place. Tomorrow while Keith is at work, Cameron and I will put the last few boxes together. We will drop them off at our home for the next few weeks - thanks to Katie and Collin Millsom! We will have roommates! How funny is that? Anyway, we feel so blessed to have been offered a place to stay so we don't have to worry about getting an apartment and all the stresses and inconveniences that go along with it.

It seems so weird knowing that we will only be here for a few more hours. We don't feel very attached to this place, but we did create a lot of memories here! The biggest one is probably when Cameron came home brand new and now he is running around like a big boy! Lots of good times as a family. Closing this chapter of our life reminds me that we are just opening another. It is exciting and sad, both at the same time.

Since this is our last night that means....HAWAII!!!!!! Holy cow having to pack up all of our belongings and have them moved really made us yearn for a vacation. Yet we were so busy with all of the details that come with moving it has made this trip really creep up on us! We fly out on Friday...I just hope we remembered to pack the right things. On second thought...who cares?! You only really need a swimsuit and sunscreen. In that case, we're good.

Pictures to come!

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