Busy, busy!

This has been our life for the past few weeks. Yesterday, we finally were able to complete a major part of our upcoming move to Oregon (that is, provided Keith is able to find a teaching job!!). We had a truck set aside and had asked Michael if he could help since he had the day off. Even better? Jan-nae-nae showed up with baby B! The two of them double teamed our boxes and furniture piled in our garage. The truck was loaded, unloaded and the storage unit filled in about TWO hours! What a blessing they are - I'm sure the Thompson's would have much rather spent a day off relaxing together but instead they selflessly showed up to help los Claytons! THANK YOU TEAM THOMPSON!!!

So, anyway I skipped Not me! Monday! since the creator, MckMama is in need of some serious prayers. Her son, Stellan was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition in the womb. He was not expected to live long enough to be born, but did and since has been a perfectly healthy baby for the most part. He is now in the hospital battling the same heart condition he was thought to have been healed from. It is a very sad story! He needs prayer! Check her blog out for the complete story.

Some things from the rest of our week:

We went to a BBQ/fun day in Beaumont. How much fun it was! The food was good and the crazy, oversized volleyball "game" was pretty hilarious to watch even though it didn't last long.

[Bex is waaaaay cuter with a belly!]

Saturday morning Keith and Cam woke up early to climb a nearby hill. Keith has been wanting to put together this hike with friends for a pretty long time. He invited a lot of guys, but Chad and M. Full (from school) were the only ones "brave" enough to set their alarm clocks so early on a weekend :) It was a chilly and foggy morning but I do think they had fun. I was glad Keith was able to do something he had wanted for so long! He was a dear and took some pictures for the blog!

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