Fun fact Friday

  • When Keith was just a lad in boy scouts, he and one of his oldest friends ate a boatload of Oreos. As the story goes, he awoke to find himself in a pile of oreo-colored vomit. It was then that he earned the nickname, Frab (barf in reverse)
  • While visiting California circa 2001, Keith, Melissa and sister Stephanie attended some sort of exhibition game with the Mariners. Back in the day I actually followed that team so it was pretty cool. One of the players was pretty much a baller and my sister and I, after watching him take batting practice, annoyingly kept yelling his name hoping he would come sign our ball. After many loud and obnoxious calls he finally came over! I wish I could remember his name...we got a sweet picture in the paper though.
  • Keith easily has more clothes than I do. Probably because many of his clothes are from high school and other days of yore.
  • Oh, here's a fun fact...this morning Cameron managed to remove his morning diaper and shove it down the leg of his footed pajamas. I'm hoping this isn't a new trend.
  • The song from the Olive Garden commercials has been stuck in my head on and off for a couple of weeks. Hey mambo, mambo Italiano...
There you have it! A few random tidbits about los Claytons. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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