Not me Monday

  • I have not felt like a lame mommy and blogger lately, neglecting to post pictures for days. Said pictures are not cute and I am not bummed they aren't up yet.
  • No, Cameron did not have his 18 month check up appointment on Friday. After having seen Cameron without his mannish clothes, the pediatrician did not refer to Cameron as a 'She'.
  • Cameron did not weigh in at over 27 pounds and measure 34 inches long! Oye!
  • No way was I totally bummed when we made an appearance at Keith's school for lunch and all the kids weren't sure to call Cam our son or daughter.
  • I did not, then and there, decide it was time for our baby boy's first hair cut.
  • I would never, against my good judgement, let my husband hold scissors to our little angel's hair. Keith most certainly did not butcher an otherwise decent haircut. (I'm not mad about it though - seriously!) It does not look like Cameron himself tried to cut his hair where it used to fall around his ears.
  • We did not insist on taking pictures exclusively for our blog, and I definitely did not misplace our camera cord.
  • Keith has not been playing basketball 3 days a week, waking up at 5 am for the "fun" of it. Oye!
  • Melissa did not join a gym today trying to take advantage of Redlands - it's not so much closer to everything than MoVal! I am not super excited about that.
  • No way, Jose do I plan to add more pictures to our blog the very second I find that dumb cord....

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