Not me Monday Tuesday

  • No I have not felt so busy lately, like I can't get caught up...
  • Los Claytons will NOT be heading back to Oregon on Thursday. One of Mel's oldest friends is definitely not getting married and I am not excited to be in her wedding!
  • Nope, our roomies car did not have a dead kitten in it, causing the transmission to malfunction. That never happened because that would be disgusting and sad.
  • Cameron is definitely not getting ready to pop out a couple of molars, causing our nights to be painfully miserable.
  • Speaking of which, I did not give up on trying to get Cam to settle in his crib last night and put him in bed with us. He would never have slept in almost 1.5 hours only to have found his diaper leaked all over our bed. I did not think the extra time snoozing was worth having to do the extra laundry.
  • We definitely did not find sitters in Katie and Colin - so now we will not be going to the couples' bible study at the Thompson's house.
  • I am not proud of myself for working out at the gym 5 days last week.
  • I would never have watched baby Baylee while mommy Jannae ran some errands for work.

[that's not Cam practically mauling
Baylee because he loves her so much]
  • Cameron did not stumble across Baylee's pink crocs, refusing to take them off...and I definitely did not let him run around with a pink boa! And I would NEVER, EVER take pictures of such a thing! What a pretty girl manly man I have!
  • Colin and Katie did not so graciously volunteer to watch Cameron Friday night while we went on a "date" to watch OSU baseball take on UCLA. No we did not LOSE - and the worst part wasn't the heckling by some UCLA fans. I seriously wasn't embarrassed for them. And no, they weren't beyond annoying. We did not appreciate having a night out to ourselves.
  • Mel did not have a Girls' day out at a local day spa, Glen Ivy. We did not rub mud all over ourselves, and participate in other uber-glamorous activities like rock stars.

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