Not me Monday

No matter what the following did not happen in the lives of Los Claytons:

  • We would never start a new couples' bible study through our church, Happily Ever After, and leave our precious babe at home with Katie and Colin. We are not hoping to go again this week.
  • Melissa did not watch Baby Thompson Wednesday morning so Jannae could get some much-needed work/errands done. I did not have lots of fun watching the babies play together! (And Cam would never maul poor Baylee!)

  • Cameron did not insist on playing in all things baby while I was watching him and Baylee.

  • We did not get on a plane Thursday morning headed for Portland (Oregon). No, Cameron was not AWESOME and sleep as planned. We definitely weren't nervous about him being his normal, wiggly (and impossible) self and were not pleasantly surprised.
  • We did not have a short stay in Portland because one of Mel's oldest friends was getting married. It was not a really fun time and NO, I do NOT plan on making a separate post about this. This post will not be up tomorrow.

  • Oh and, thanks for asking - Cameron has not been teething like CRAZY, waking up at all hours of the night writhing in pain. The poor kid does not have 2 molars trying to cut through his little gums. No, we did not know that when your child is teething (especially molars!) that everyone is supposed to be so miserable.
  • Keith has not been working super hard on the grad school class he's been taking online. He did not wake up this morning at 3AM to finish a project! We are not going to bed early tonight. No way, Jose.

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