Fun fact friday

Okay, I will try not to make this L.A.M.E. so here goes:

*When Melissa was little, in the first house I can remember our step-dad built us this rad tree house. It had 4 walls, no roof and I remember a purple and beige colored straw mat on the floor - a souvenir from our step-grandparents who lived for a short time in Africa

*When Keith was in grade school he decided to do a belly slide on the cafeteria floor (think seals), that's how he chipped his front tooth

*Cameron has a chipped tooth in the SAME place as Keith - we don't know how this happened but sometimes he likes to grind his teeth together. This grinding sound is ten times worse than nails on a chalkboard.

*We tried Golden Spoon frozen yogurt for the first time last night. We were NOT impressed.

* I could really go for an iced coffee right now.

*My first time on an airplane was when I was 16.

*Keith was in boy scouts for most of his boyhood. During the summers he often went on 50 miler hikes (yes, FIFTY flippin' miles!). He had to pack a backpack with everything he'd need for the hike, including sleeping stuff - I think the trip was about a week.

*Okay I TOTALLY just got sidetracked looking at this trashy website listing just a bunch of stupid and FUNNY text messages. I'm done now.

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