Newport Beach

I realized just recently that I completely forgot to put pictures up from our night (Friday) spent in Newport Beach. We got a really great deal at the Hyatt there, and the room was amazing. Especially the, ahem - bed. It was so comfortable! Before we left I made sure to take pictures of the tag on the bed and pillows in hopes of recreating the comfort. I loved laying there on the bed and watching the flatscreen while Cameron ran around the room, checking out his pad for the night. It was probably also good for Colin and Katie to get some peace and quiet without us at their home.

I know you've been sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation of this moment. So - drumroll, please - here they are...

[being skater punks on the pier]

Oh, and have you seen these? Since I've never posted them my guess is probably not :) Saturday was such a nice night so we spent time with the roomies and their family and discovered just how much this kid loves corn. Keith handed him the whole cob and he just devoured it. He also enjoyed boozing it up.

[nothing like a cold brewsky on a hot night]

[I sho do love me some corn]

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