Not Me Monday!

No matter what anyone says, all this stuff did not happen in the lives of Keith, Melissa and Cameron:
  • Keith and I did not have dentist appointments scheduled one after the other so someone would be supervising Cam in the lobby. They did not usher us in nearly at the same time and I did not almost have a panic attack as I was sitting in the chair wondering where in the heck we were going to put our kid. Cam did not quietly play with his toys on the floor and sit on my lap as I got my teeth cleaned. Crisis averted!
  • I did not watch 7 month old Brooke Friday - all day! I was not nervous about how I would do. No, Miss Brooke was not a perfect angel and NO CAMERON WAS NOT ACTING CRAZY INSANE. No it was not total worst case scenario for my kid and I was not completely flabbergasted. I was not VERY angry because of how he was acting. No he did not refuse to nap, eat, be quiet, do anything I asked and NO he did NOT wake up the baby during nap time. At the end of the day I did not have to talk myself into still wanting more kids because not all days could be THAT bad, right?!?! Couldn't be.
  • Cameron did not get himself and mommy sick, causing us to miss church. Keith went since it was Salsa Sunday at Sanctuary Church. Keith would NEVER EVER miss anything involving salsa. No way Jose.
  • I did not snap a bajillion photos of Cam trying to shove his entire body into this little basket. Our little guy isn't the cutest, is he?

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