Today was Keith's last day of school with students which means he is that much closer to summer vacation!!! Which means WE are that much closer to summer vacation!!! What a long, crazy school year it has been for both of us. I can't speak for Keith but I am glad this one is over because it's been very draining. But it is ovvveeeeeeeer! Practically, anyway - just one last day of checking out and other 'fun' teacher stuff.

We are going to start our summer vacay off with a bang...wine tasting! BAM! Friday we are headed off with the Spencers and without the babies so it should be a really, really ridiculously fun time.

[teaching daddy how to use the drill]

[learning how to golf with his
favorite club-shaped stick]

[our kid just hangs out in a tree. that's how we roll]

[we found a friend]

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