Not Me Monday!

The following and all that jazz did NOT happen in the Clayton "household" this past week. And we did not live to tell about it...

1. Keith did not finally get out of school for the summer!

2. We did not go to the end-of-the year BBQ at his principal's house. Keith and Cam did not have a rad time hanging out in their pool. I definitely wouldn't have snapped loads of adorable pictures because I NEVER take pictures and I most certainly did not take too many. No, I never do that.

[hanging out with his old friend, Jadyn]

[you are crazy if you think
I'm supposed to jump, dad!]

[okay...that wasn't so bad]

3. No, the steam from the nearby shower did not make the smoke detector go off. No, the smoke alarm is not right next door to the room Cameron was napping in and NO he did not stay sound asleep as I tried frantically to shut it off. WHAT?! I did not find this ironic seeing as sometimes even the smallest noise will wake up our sleeping beauty.

4. We did not spend the first official day of our summer vacation in SoCal's version of wine country - Temecula. The Spencers and the Claytons did not have a fabulous time being swanky while we smelled and tasted many varieties of wine. We were not thankful for the help of Kent and Linda (Spencers eldest) who watched our babies. No it was not a baby-free day!
[The Spencers take their wine SERIOUSLY!]

[Keith: "That tickles, Chad!"]

[Chad and Michelle]

[Nice purse, honey!]

5. Sunday was not Baylee and Brooke Thompson's dedication day at church. They did not have a crazy amount of family in town and we did not spend most of the day celebrating at Baylee's house. Cameron and Baylee would never have a ton of fun together! No, they are not in love and are not going to get married just as soon as they can say 'I do' :) Cameron is not going to come see her all the time when we live in Oregon.
[Boogieboards: not just for the water!]

[Pirate Melissa and Baylee. Arrrrgghhhh!]

6. We did not decide to strip off Cameron's diaper last night and let him run free in the back yard. It wasn't the first time we'd decided to do this and I don't think he enjoyed his new found 'freedom'.
[Just chillin' on the concrete steps doesn't seem too
comfortable but to Cam it was a nice place to rest.]

[He likes his tooshie]

7. No, there are not officially 7 days remaining until we pack up the truck and head back up North. This is not one of the most exciting yet depressing thoughts I've had in a long time. No we are not glad we came, even more glad we stayed so long but also glad to be leaving. No we will not miss every single person who is reading this and we will be leaving!

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  1. Dude! No way girl! I cannot even believe it :(. You will be missed! Bummed we didn't get to hang out a little more, but I am blessed to have met you and look forward to keeping in touch over the miles...aka internet ;). Love ya girl! -Veronica


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