Major big stuff for tomorrow

Big day tomorrow!

Keith has - are you ready? here we go - a whopping one, two, three, FOUR interviews tomorrow for a shot at FIVE different teaching positions. Here's how it's going down:

9:30 AM - interview for a 70% full time (aka part time) math teacher position at Culver, Oregon (about a 20 minute commute)

1:30 PM - interview for 2 half time (translates into a full time position) math and spanish teaching positions with Gresham-Barlow web academy. I like this opportunity because he could work from home several days a week BUT it would require him to spend 2 days (one night) staying in Portland so he could spend time in his classroom. Not bad, considering the options.

3:30 PM - interview with Beaverton School District @ the international school of Beaverton for one of 2 math positions there.

4:30 PM - interview with Beaverton School District @ the Health and Sciences High School for a math position.

If you know much about Oregon you may have recognized these Beaverton interviews/positions are less than ideal because he would have to live in Portland during the week, home only on the weekends. Yuck. BUT it if it is the only option we will be more than happy to accept since we would be able to pay our bills and have health insurance. A sacrifice indeed but in this economy beggars can't be choosers. Can I get an amen?!

Anyway, Keith didn't want me to make a big deal about it this time so just hang tight and we will update everyone when we have some sort of answer. I am posting in hopes that you praying people will keep him and us in your prayers tomorrow.

Pretty please?!

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