A real quick update

Not much to say, just wanted to give you all a small update on how the interviews went. To say the least, they were awesome! Keith felt very confident after leaving each of them.

Keith's stepmom works for the web academy (aka interview #2) and after Keith left his interview she was telling me how they pretty much want to marry him. HA! Just joking but they definitely feel he had a great interview and that he is a fantastic teacher. I could go on but I'm sure Keith would make me delete this stuff...but all in all the day was a complete success. He also picked up a fifth interview on Friday morning for another web academy in the Portland area but learned there is a possibility of a more local position with them in the Sisters area. Good stuff!

[we had fun at the park during Keith's first interview]

[Cameron seems happy with how things went]

Now there's nothing to do but wait...

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