Anniversary #6 in review

For the most part, our anniversary was a FABULOUS way to celebrate the last six years. First we woke up and cooked some awesome strawberry french toast bake. It was really good, you should try it...super easy too. It calls for blueberries which I find offensive so I put some strawberries in there instead. Yummy. Also, the night before I put this cobbler in the crockpot. And theeeeen I cooked some bacon *perfectly* - the first time in 6 years it wasn't underdone or burnt to a crisp. A great way to start the day if I do say so myself.

After dropping Cam off at my sister's for the day, we headed up to Steelhead falls for a sweeeet bread, meat and cheesefest. Seriously: a giant loaf of french bread, brie cheese, spreadable swiss cheese (the Laughing Cow - have you tried it? DO. So yummy!), brown sugar smoked ham, and a spread of grapes and pears. Also, pudding for dessert and pink bubbly to wash it all down. Hungry yet? We were so stuffed, it was really hard to hike the .5 miles (uphill) out of there. Our guts were so full that our lungs weren't able to properly expand. It was slightly embarrassing.

[this a-way to the falls | scenery as we hiked in]

[steelhead falls - we ate overlooking THAT! nice.]

[our fancy pink champagne]

[keith says pears are aphrodisiacs...
ummm...I don't think so but they sure are goooooood!]

[such a great idea keith had ... a beautiful place]

Later we took a bike ride through Redmond's dry canyon - basically a paved bike/walking trail through the canyon in Redmond.

[Keith is holding up the bridge with his fingers. Sooo strong!]

[the maple street bridge]

[he REALLY wanted to climb up the side of that. Too slick!]

We had plans after dinner (fish tacos!) to go get Cameron and climb up on the roof after putting him to bed. We would eat these bad boys (totally my idea - yummy but really bad!) and read our wedding cards as we do every year. Buuuut....

[check out the nutrition facts.]

Not 3 minutes before we got there had Cameron gotten hurt. He slammed his forehead on the coffee table while wrestling with Jaden. As soon as we saw it we were sure he needed stitches. So, off to the ER we went, bloody child in tote. We could literally see our child's bone. Not pretty. Here's a picture just before they got his (3) stitches in (I'm having trouble sending this from my phone, it'll come later if I ever figure it out). But I'm warning you it's not for the weak. After a couple of hours in the ER, we were spent. Time for bed, the roof could wait until tomorrow.

Yup, last night we climbed up on the roof to watch the sunset and eat our pies. It was a little too windy for the cards up there so we took them inside. Aside from the magical trip to the ER, it was one of the best anniversaries we've had in a while.

[from the roof]

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  1. What a fun trip! So sorry about Cam's face...send me the pic from your phone to my phone..I wana see it!
    The nutrition facts on those devil like pies were crazy! I used to love those things when I was little-it was such a treat to get to eat'm!


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