One more thing...we're grown ups now!

Before: Random, mismatched stuff. Quilt I was never really over the moon for, pillowcases (3) are all different colors and do not match sheets. Curtains are green and have nothing to do with anything going on in the room, came with the place when we moved in. Did I mention we've had this scenario for 6 years?! I couldn't bring myself to spend the ca$h on new bedding. Until now...

After: Amazing! Beautiful! MATCHING!!! Nice, new sheets, bed skirt, pillowcases and duvet cover. I am definitely a fan now. That birthday money came in handy! And...do you see the lamps? I picked the right one up + both shades at the goodwill a while ago. The shades were $2.99 each and the lamp? A whopping 3 bucks! And it was all in perfect condition!

I figure if I have to spend the better part of the next 9 months in bed alone, I'm going to feel like a rockstar :)

So, yeah - we're grownups now! Matching bedding is definitely a step up!

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  1. That looks amazing!

    Sorry I have not been commenting! My Mac internet screen freezes when I go on your blog-so I never go on it..but today I am on my work computer checking out your life!
    Love ya! miss ya!


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