Not Me Monday!

Whatever you may be thinking, the following did NOT happen. There is NO way I'd be joking around...this would NEVER have happened to los Claytons.

1. We did not receive a gimongous diaper order and a even more gimongous box for C to play in.

2. This was not Melissa's birthday "extravaganza" weekend and the Carpenters did not roll in from Springfield to help celebrate. We would have never had any fun hanging out and spending time together doing all sorts of things, like double dutch jump rope.

[double dutch jump rope + Cameron = no go]
[littlest sister rachel]

3. No way jose am I feeling too lazy to say anything else. I don't think I'll let the pictures + captions speak for themselves. Maybe this is a new trend of being "old"(er?) ...

[let's take this puppy out on the water]
[this way to the cove aka lake billy chinook]

[Mt. Jefferson]
[life is good.]

[steph and rebekah]

[wild bill takes his turn with the slalom ski]

[with my diva]

[thanks for the great day, lake billy chinook]

[I got a new camera strap. you likey? me likey]

[birthday decs hanging from our "sweet" fixture]

[Jaden will judo chop you in the face. watch yourself]

[Cam is pretty tough too, but still learning the whole judo chop thing]
[is this how you are supposed to hold your hands? this is fun!]
[oh I'll never get this!]

[a seafood dinner at Anthony's was soooooooooo good]
[can you see the 27?]
[an awesome day!]

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