Keith says I've lost my flirting skills...

...but that's a whole other post. I really only wrote that because we were joking about that at the very moment I was trying to think of a title for this post. Pretty resourceful, eh? NO? pffft. :)

Feels like there is a veil of silence on our blog. Until this whole job thing sorts itself out, I suppose you could say the veil is real. I can say good things are happening but we are just waiting for another possibility to come through. BUT that won't keep me from writing about the other parts of our life any longer! So there!

Here's a few things we've been up to the past however-many days:

[I've been painting/spray painting things like a mad woman. Here I am being my "attractive" self in the middle of one of said projects - the once oak set of tall bookcases are now white and look amaaaazing!]

[Cameron and cuz Jaden have been having loads of fun together...]

We have been LOVING the goodwill lately. Lots of good stuff worthy of a coat of spray paint to be good as new. We've also discovered a goldmine of children's VHS tapes. Cameron LOOOVES Blue's Clues. We got him one tape and he watches it 3 or 4 times a day. He asks for Blue by name!

[Blues cluuueeees, Blues clues!]

[We know all the songs by heart now]

My 20 week pregnant friend, Natalie invited me to climb Pilot Butte with her one day. It was a great little "hike". Something I've never done before, which is crazy considering what a great trail it is and that I spent my whole life just 30 minutes away!

Here's the view from the top:

[from the left: a very tiny Mt. Bachelor, Broken top,
South Sister, Middle Sister and North Sister. Yup, they're called the 3 sisters! :)]

I had an interview myself on Wednesday. I applied for a job in the Attendance office at Mountain View High School. The interview went waaaaay better than I expected. It was the best case scenario I was hoping for as I was preparing. Interviews are the worst! I was thankful to have had a good experience. The panel interviewing me consisted of FIVE people. YIKES! The principal was my middle school language arts teacher, so it was nice to have a friendly face in there. I would love the job but figure I've got a good thing going by staying home with Cam. Either way I will be a happy camper!

[all ready to go...I did my homework and was
just praying my nerves didn't get the best of me]

[pulling a Britney as I drove into the garage after the interview]

[the interview was a success! Nothing to do but wait...]

We've also been finding some sweet stuff courtesy of local garage sales. Cameron got both a new tricycle and bike for when he's ready. He's been having fun on his trike especially.

[still learning about the pedal sitation]

[did you know they sell CHOCOLATE animal
crackers? Yummy! Thank you, Wal-Mart!]

We're expecting the Carpenter crew to roll in tonight to help celebrate my 27th birthday on Sunday. Should be good times - they are bringing their boat and you can't go wrong whenever one of those is involved. Birthday pictures to follow!

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  1. yay! And niiiiiice shoes! You look so cute girl! ;)
    What do you mean "pulled a Britney? I have a friend who did this a couple times within the last month or so and I am wondering if you know her! her name is Britney!! lol
    Love checking in! Thanks for the update and happy early Birthday!!!!!!

  2. Veronica- yes those shoes are sooo cute! I borrowed them from my sister and I wish you could see the front. I loved the peep toe!

    When I say pulled a britney I am referring to Ms. Spears who got in a lot of trouble for doing that through a group of paparazzi a couple years back. But your guess I think I like better :)


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