Hello, my name is Keith and I desperately need a haircut

[brave enough to do it himself]
[a LOT of hair]
[there are no words]
[I suppose that looks good :) It's the shortest he's had in a while]
So, he decided he wanted to buzz his head. I wasn't the biggest fan of the idea at first - I love the way his hair looks after going to the barber (aka "professional") - a little bit longer on the top. Keith, being the "frugal" man that he is figured it would be better and easier just to do it himself. The last time he buzzed his head was junior year in college when he also dyed his hair ORANGE for a leadership conference we went to in Chico representing Oregon State. So, it's been a while.

It will take some time, but we will all get used to this new look.

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