Still can’t laugh about it…

Normally when I am in a bad situation I have no problem laughing at myself or the situation. But, the situation today was not funny – although I will probably be laughing later…maybe tomorrow.

What’s the problem, you ask?

Let me lay it out for you. Obviously, with Keith gone during the week I lock this place up like a fortress. Air tight. All the windows are locked and of course the doors as well.

I had planned with my sister for her to watch Cameron while I went grocery shopping. I’m starting this thing called the Fat Flush and wanted to be able to concentrate on what I was buying. Also, our tags on the Tahoe were expired so I needed to go to the DMV for that.  I finally get Cameron ready to go and hurried us out the door at 9:45 ish…

After dropping Cameron off, I head to the DMV only to realize: A) I don’t have my title B) I’m driving with no proof of insurance since I keep it in the envelope with the title C) I’m driving without these things and a California license that I probably should have replaced with an Oregon one months ago. NOT GOOD. So I decide to head back home to pick up the title/proof of insurance so I can get new tags. I open the garage and turn the knob leading into the house. It doesn’t budge. No problem, I thought, this thing sticks all the time I’m just going to turn harder. NOTHING. One of us must have accidentally locked the door before leaving. CRAP! I’m locked out. That’s when I realized I don’t have a key to this house! We keep a spare key in the entry but it’s only to the front door knob and not to the deadbolt (different locks). CRAP!

I frantically looked around the house for  an unlocked window even though I know there’s not a chance I’d done that. But, wait! Cameron’s window has been unlocked since summer because he’s on the second floor. I almost passed out, thinking about what I was about to do.

Fast forward 45 minutes, I finally got in but not before having a small anxiety attack 30 feet in the air at the top of a RICKETY ladder. Ooof.

I really don’t feel like these pics do my situation justice. I am very afraid of heights so this was a real test. It was important not to look down!

MoFo_102009_003 MoFo_102009_002

To cap off the day we carved pumpkins with the Gilstraps and Cam painted his:


Mine is hideous, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing pictures later :)


  1. I wouldn't be able to laugh about it either. Ever.

  2. Ohhh my gosh! I can not believe you went through this! It seemed like whenever Michael would work nights..things like this would happen to me...whenever Keith is gone-weird stupid things might just happen! pppoooopie huh?
    Well I am glad you survived it!
    Love ya!
    Glad we talked last week! Please call me more often to catch up on life!

  3. I have been in this situation one too many times :)


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