and I’m spent. I am totally exhausted and thinking the weekend can’t get here fast enough. I could really feel myself losing it and snapping at Cameron a lot this week, especially today. I’m usually pretty good about keeping my cool with him but I’m just so tired! I mentioned in my last post that I’m starting this thing called the Fat Flush and a lot of the recipes I picked turned out to be not so good so I’ve been pretty hungry and getting most of my calories from a diluted cranberry water. Soo, yeah I’m sure my short fuse has a lot to do with that too :) Next week I’ll pick out a better menu and hope I am more patient with our son, who is perfect and never deserves any punishment, etc :)

We went over on Tuesday for some pumpkin carving and I, wanting to be “different” decided I was going to do something ultra fabulous and chic. On my pumpkin I was going to do some “designer” C with something spooky like a bat next to it. I am an idiot! I should have known it wasn’t going to work, I didn’t even have a template for a good-looking C for crying out loud. My experiment failed. Better luck next year! :) I even had to label the bat with a sharpie. G-hetto!

October 2009 575   October 2009 554 October 2009 551October 2009 558

[they think whatever is in there is pretty interesting]

October 2009 562

[props to stephanie for thinking the boys could paint their pumpkins]

October 2009 565 October 2009 573 October 2009 574

October 2009 577

[stephanie’s turned out a taaad better…]

Here are some of the other pictures I snapped in the past couple days…

October 2009 586

[he rediscovered his sock monkey and even found the monkey a friend! Remember this post…?]

 October 2009 607 October 2009 605

Keith created this “baseball” contraption in our front yard. It’s basically a tennis ball with a long string stuck through it and tied to a 2x4 sticking out of a tree. It’s great practice for our future Jacoby Ellsbury! Not that we have any unrealistic expectations.

October 2009 604 October 2009 602

Yup, here’s my sweet pumpkin again. Jealous?

October 2009 588

PS – That’s it! I’m publicly calling out my socal friends who have neglected their blogs. What gives Jan.nae.nae and Meeeshell my belle (and a bunch of other peeps for that matter!)? Sooo, you get pregnant and give up on blogging? Unacceptable! Just joking but I love looking at your blogs buuut do you have some new stuff for me to look at/learn about? Miss you guys! :)

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