Another weekend, come and gone

What a great weekend! Keith has been with us since Wednesday evening and we've loved having him around so much! How awesome! He had today off as well so we used it to get some good stuff done. He's putting Cameron to bed tonight and then off to sleepy town (EARLY!) because he's leaving at 3:00AM-ish to head back over the mountain for Portland. I hate when weekends are over! Even if it was a long one! No fun. Tomorrow I will put up some pics and stories from our time together. I'm excited to talk about getting our Christmas tree - we went out into the woods and it was my first time. But for now, goodnight!

For now, I just can’t resist this chance to for a couple of pictures. My littlest sister Rachel was trying out some frames (on lease from the store to see if she liked them) and Cameron got to check them out too. Looking pretty slick, stud!

044 043

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