Just don’t know what to do with myself!

Here I sit, alone in an empty house, off from a short day at work (more on that later), and drinking a cup of coffee. Yes this world has gone topsy-turvy. I can’t believe I’m drinking coffee but I just really wanted some and it’s gooood!

Anyway, I was unsure of my schedule at work this week. My sister, who watches Cam, was going to be in Eugene for most of the week and I really had no other choice but to send him with her. It was weird going to sleep last night and waking up this morning without a) a monitor buzzing in my ear and b) waking up to Cameron crying mommy! This was only my second night ever away from him but it was good. It’s not healthy to be joined at the hip with our kids – is it? hmm. I used this morning for a little reading in bed and a shower all to myself, without interruptions. Very nice indeed.

As I mentioned, I am now working at Old Navy. I really like it – it’s a very fun place to work! The focus is all on being nice to people and achieving a high level of customer service. I can do that! To heck with all that other stuff! :) I do have a few mixed feelings about working retail. After all I’ve done to be back in this place is sort of odd. It didn’t even hit me until I saw a girl who I was an RA for on her floor a thousand years ago. I asked her what she was up to and she’s a pharmaceutical sales rep for Eli Lily. I almost jumped out of my skin. That’s seriously a job I would have practically killed for 2 years ago. I was happy for her but felt sort of silly behind the counter taking her money. What’s my problem? I like this job! But it can be humbling to run into successful people from my past. **I/we do have something BIG coming up soon, so hopefully that will heal my broken self-esteem :)**


I am thankful that I did not have all my training done in time to be on the schedule for this week so that means NO Black Friday hours (and did I mention they are open on Thanksgiving also! Bleck. Volunteers do get paid double time and a half, though. Wow!) Since I don’t have anything to do for the rest of the week, what will I do, you ask?

Tomorrow morning I am hopping on a Greyhound! Yup, you heard it here first. I am not too good to take horribly inefficient transportation when I have a perfectly good car at home. It’s sort of a complicated situation, but with Keith in Portland and meeting us in Eugene on Wednesday night, this is what made the most sense. Did you ever hear about the time Keith and I took a greyhound from Corvallis to Southern California? That was out of control. Lots of “Fun” memories from that trip. HA! This is only 4.5 hours (normally a 3 hour drive), so I won’t go crazy. It’ll be just me and my books. One-way, thank goodness!

Enough babble. Here are some pictures from the past week…November 2009 003 - Copy November 2009 009

turkeys were hecka cheap and I made one to shred and freeze for later. This is me eating the neck. You likey?

 November 2009 012 November 2009 023

We went on a date. What date is complete without McDonald’s cones?

November 2009 033

Our first real snow this week. Brrr…

Cameron’s friend Tanner turned 6 and had his party at the bowling alley. Cameron’s first time bowling was fun! He loved carrying around all the balls (yikes! Heavy) and pushing them into the pins. He was thisclose to winning but came in second. Better luck next time, cam!

November 2009 041 November 2009 042 November 2009 071 November 2009 080

Steph and I sat on the floor next to the lane the whole time and took paparazzi pictures. Our problem must be in our genes.

November 2009 101 November 2009 104

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  1. Hey Melissa,
    This was my first time checking out your blog... You have done a great job! I love it! (Maybe you could come take some good pics of my kiddos.)
    About your run-in with the girl you "used" to know and were now taking her money... I have had my fair share of moments like these. As you know I had my son, Ryan when I was 17. Truthfully, I am so envyous of all that you and Keith have had the opportunity to experience. For the first time EVER, I left Redmond this year! Alright, alright so it was only to Bend, but still. I just want to tell you that there will be MANY times that it seems like others have a more exciting life, but I would bet, that girl wishes she had an amazing husband and an adorable son that she gets to spend all of her time with...
    (She's got nothin' on you sister)
    I can attest that being a "stay at home" Mom is much harder than working full time. Always remember that the moments you spend with Cameron happen once. It all goes by sooooo fast and you have so much! You and Keith are an inspiratin to other's. So keep your head up and have those pictures of your son on hand to rub it in to the next big shot you see... lol


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