Halloween weekend

We spent the weekend away in Eugene/Springfield. Our first stop: Springfield to spend Halloween with the Carpenters. Good times!
Rebekah was a pioneer woman, Rachel a clown, Jaden a ninja (this was a popular one this year and the other ninjas kept trying to fight him while we were trick or treating…), and Cameron was a dragon.  As for the adults? Well, you can see for yourself.October 2009 702October 2009 665

This was the first Halloween we’d ever spent with our sisters together! CRAZY!

October 2009 726 October 2009 725 October 2009 709  October 2009 690 October 2009 730October 2009 689  October 2009 677 October 2009 675 October 2009 685 October 2009 670  October 2009 672

Normally Keith and I don’t like to dress up. I think that’s my fault. I feel like a total tool in costume. But, Steph and Matt are way more into it than that and brought along some costumes for us to wear.  Keith was obviously a nerd and I was a snow bunny, complete with ski bibs, turtleneck and sweet ski hat on my blonde fro. It was the best halloween I can remember! We had an awesome time just hanging out and watching the kids trick or treat.

October 2009 755

Bekah and Rachel both play instruments. Rachel was playing the piano and I wish I had gotten some pics!

October 2009 752   

With Grandpa Bill

Lately my blogging skills have been lacking, but here are some randoms:

October 2009 657


October 2009 651 October 2009 650

He always pushes the coffee table next to the couch and gets stuck like this. Sometime after the 4th time he asked me to help him I grabbed my camera and made him stay like that for the shot :)

October 2009 641 October 2009 625 - Copy

He likes to jump off the arm of the couch into the pillows. The couch is hideous (but, hey it was free!) so I don’t mind :)

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  1. you and your sister look like twins with those wigs on! your faces and smiles have so many similar features!
    looks like a fun halloweeen! Cam is growing too fast! his silly keith faces make me smile!


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