A little sledding

We went up towards Mt. Bachelor about 45 minutes for a little sledding at Wanoga. In years past Keith, some of his family and myself have gone up there and I like to think of the place as sledding for the hardcore. I am sooo not hardcore, so I was a little nervous. Matt and Steph said it’s been “re-done” recently so I was feeling a little better. You see, when I was there before the only place to go was the snow-mobile park. We had to walk what seemed like miles through knee-deep snow and then up this ridiculously huge hill while trying not to fall down every other step  because of the grade/incline. I never really had that much fun.

BUUUT Matt and Steph were totally right! This place was awesome because you parked and the hill was RIGHT in front of your car. That’s my kind of place! While it isn’t a winter wonderland up there yet (we had to avoid some tree stumps and bushes), it was a great place for everyone and Cameron especially had fun. I’m sure we’ll be back!

November 2009 247 November 2009 165

[The snow sled of death]

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[Toddlers and mittens do not mix! They are impossible to keep on!]

November 2009 228 November 2009 242

We also spent a night in The Dalles with Keith’s grandparents. We don’t often take many pics while we are there, so I was stoked at some of these.

 November 2009 014

[His new love: Legos!]

November 2009 026 November 2009 031 November 2009 032 November 2009 033

[The Dalles is beautiful and it was a great day]

 November 2009 034

[Keith called this a legacy picture: 3 generations]

November 2009 056

[Check that out!]

November 2009 058

 November 2009 062 November 2009 064 November 2009 075 November 2009 077 November 2009 085

[there were so many great views of Mt. Hood on the way home – we pulled over a couple of times to take a picture or 2 – or 50 because I have that kind of problem]

November 2009 094

It was a great weekend! I can’t wait for next weekend. Miss you already, Keith!


  1. Cam is getting so big!! I wish we had some snow to play in!

  2. I love love love the one of you three in the snow! It is a beautiful picture of the family! Happy Thanksgiving!


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