Christmas 2009 retold

What a great Christmas! I hope everyone had a great holiday, spending it with the ones they love. Ours here in Central Oregon was great.

My mom flew in from Georgia (pretty sure we hadn’t seen each  other since she moved summer 2008), so it was nice to have her around. She was here just over a week and we managed to squeeze quite a few things in.

Peterson rock garden

[Peterson Rock Garden]

mom and boys 

Steph had a great idea to do Gingerbread houses. Instead of gingerbread, we decided to use graham crackers and homemade frosting. It turned out pretty well! Fun times…

December 2009 167 

[watch the roofline, he was having problems with this gingerbread/graham cracker house]

December 2009 168 December 2009 169 December 2009 170 December 2009 172

[his house was turned into an airplane]

December 2009 179 

[jaden and steph’s turned out pretty nice]

December 2009 180

[cam had fun]

December 2009 183

[not bad, mom!]

December 2009 184 December 2009 192

The Gilstraps, our mom and los Claytons all stayed the night at our house for Christmas Eve so we could spend Christmas morning together. I thought it was awesome and hope we started a tradition!

December 2009 204

[Jaden left cookies and milk on Christmas Eve for Santa]

December 2009 216

[it wasn’t a white Christmas with snow and all that, but there were some really frosty trees and bushes outside]

December 2009 231 December 2009 327

[i just think this is so cool!]

December 2009 238

 December 2009 239 December 2009 240

December 2009 341

[before Santa came, Cameron had to use this sweet hoop made from a paper sack]

December 2009 214

[after: Cam has this sweet hoop. he loves it! No more paper bag or human hoop with our arms. All the adults who come here are now saved from hours of holding our arms out! Thank you Santa aka Grammie!!!]

December 2009 249 December 2009 259December 2009 261

[Jaden got skis and I found Keith this sweet  breath checker. It’s supposed to detect chemicals in your breath that make it bad. Good breath = smiley face, bad breath = frownie face. Worth a try! :)]

December 2009 265 December 2009 274 December 2009 288

[my big present from keith was a spa day – AWESOME! – but to throw me off he wrapped a big box with chili and soup inside. I thought the card/certificate looked really nice but I was trying to figure out what the canned food had to do with anything. Totally Keith’s style, don’t you think?]

December 2009 299

[my other big present was a ski day. he put one of my sister’s ski boots in a box without any explanation. I pulled it out and was totally dumbfounded. classic!]

December 2009 303

[post-presents hot cocoa!]

December 2009 306 December 2009 308

[Christmas dinner. I found some Christmas crackers – we were introduced to these last year – they are so fun! Love wearing crowns for dinner!]

December 2009 311  December 2009 319 

[sweet crowns, yo!]

December 2009 314

[Found this cars playhut for Cam. He likes playing in it with Jaden but I’ve also realized he likes to hide in here and use it as his personal outhouse. Since we are potty training still I know whenever he’s quietly hiding in there it’s time to run to the bathroom!!! Yikes!]

December 2009 337


December 2009 340 

Mom left yesterday, but Keith has been wanting Cam to help him shovel the driveway for a few days. Today was the day!

 December 2009 351 December 2009 355 December 2009 356

[yup, Keith is in his shorts and slippers! How very Oregon of you, Keith! :)]

December 2009 357

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