Civil War happenings

Last night was the Civil War. If you have been living under a rock (or, say don’t live in Oregon) :), you might be asking “what is this civil war you speak of?” Well, it just so happens to be the longest running college football rivalry game in the nation. (7)Oregon v. (16)Oregon State. Chumps v. Studs (it’s my blog, I can say whatever I want :)

The stakes were high this year. Turns out our annual game turned out to the a Pac-10 championship game AND the winner would be representing in the Rose Bowl down in Pasadena. Keith and I were getting excited (naturally) – thinking perhaps if our team could win we would buy ourselves some tickets and mosey on down to see some long, lost friends. After talking about THAT, the stakes suddenly got even higher for us!

Imagine my disappointment at the end when the Beavs lost 33-37. It was the biggest bummer. ever. I should say that we were playing at Autzen (Oregon home) which is easily one of the loudest and scariest places to play for opposing teams. It was a good game, we just didn’t come out on the winning end of things. Booooooo.

Did I take any pictures of the night, you ask? Why, as a matter of fact I did.

December 2009 001

[repping the orange and black]

December 2009 002

[would you like some of my tasty drink with orange and black straws? it was yummy….]

 December 2009 003

 December 2009 004

[pineapple seems random but it was a fresh one and was so super sweet and juicy]

 December 2009 007

[2 beaver believers sharing orange goldfish]

December 2009 008 

[has anyone seen the dish that goes under the foreman grill? anyone? guess we forgot to check under the lid before plugging it in. doh!]

December 2009 009

Matt and steph are off being snow-bunnies on the mountain for a few hours and I’m in charge of C + Jaden. I love when they play so good together…even if it doesn’t last too long :)

 December 2009 011

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