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It feels like soooo long since I’ve done anything on here. I remember the days when I’d post as many as 4 times a week but our life was a tad more exciting then :)

Monday we (as in the Gilstraps + us) went over to Eugene to watch our sister, Rebekah play basketball. She’s a 6th grader and pretty athletic and she was fun to watch. I was just telling Keith it’s hard to get any pictures unless you have a super gigantic zoom lens so here are my amateur poses:

December 2009 020

[gooo #14!]

December 2009 021 December 2009 017  

[he just loves his cousin to bits]

December 2009 015December 2009 027 December 2009 032

[auntie rachel]

The trip was good, but that night Cameron got suuuuper sick and threw up all night long. Since he was heaving all over the place all I could think to do was put a towel on his lap to try and catch whatever came out. It worked well but I counted 8 dirty towels between 1 AM and 6:15 AM, so he was pretty sick. It was scary, the first time he’d ever thrown up – other than spit up as a small baby – and I really wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. The whole experience made me very grateful that we’ve been blessed with such a healthy child all this time! By the time everything was over, we were both tired from just a few, short hours of sleep and smelled like bile. Sooo gross!

The rest of the week was a little rough, he just wasn’t quite himself. Up by 5 AM a couple of mornings and I was exhausted, not sure how I would get through it and said a little prayer for him to sleep in! God was listening and by Friday he was back to his good ol’ 7 AM wakeup call. I’ve never been so happy to wake up at 7 in my life! It' seems like we’ve all fully recovered from the past week and spending time as a whole family, for now at least! :)

 December 2009 038

[he really loves his books!]

Tonight is Parents’ Night Out through our church and we are looking forward to a little QT as grown ups.

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  1. Here is what I used to do with Nolan and Bella (the kids I nannied) when they were a pukey mess.

    I'd get a small trash can and line it with multiple plastic bags (no holes!). Then, I would wad up newspaper and put the paper in the bottom of the bag to absorb throw up (stop it from splattering, etc.) When they would throw up, it was easy to remove the top bag, tie it off and throw it away. To get ready for the next throw up, all I would have to do would be put more wadded paper in the bottom.

    I also kept tissues, baby wipes and CLEAR Gatorade in a sippy cup nearby. We would set up a "sick station" with blankets, coloring materials, and stuffed animals and literally park our fannies on the couch all day and night watching T.V. We would sleep there, with me right by, to deal with the throwing up as it came. I never gave them more than plain toast or cheerios to eat, even if they wanted something else.

    For next time (knock on wood)....


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