For at least 2 weeks Cameron’s hair has been driving. me. crazy. An amateur when it comes to haircuts – and I don’t mean just buzzing it – I have been carefully planning my next moves. What was I going to do with his hair? Several times a day (I’d guess at least a dozen, seriously) I would run my fingers through his hair, deciding which parts I didn’t cut right last time and what I would do differently this time.

Well, I plugged in Toy Story 2 (he hadn’t seen it yet) and he was so distracted by it that I figured it would be a great time to get the cut started. I was actually pretty pleased with myself and just about to get started on what I consider the hardest part – the front. Not wanting to create a mullet, I was nervous.

Ironically, this was just the time he decided he wanted to receive a haircut no longer.

By some miracle I finished the cut without any major mishaps. After I was done I threw him in the bath to get all the loose hair and also as a last chance to find any long parts that needed a quick trimming. Everything was great.

And then, it dried. And shrunk.

So, for now it’s a little shorter than I had hoped. No big deal, he looks cute anyway. Heck, my kid could pull off hair and still be just adorable. (Yes, I am being sarcastic but still feel this way because he’s my kid!)

So, for a nice before and after shot for your enjoyment.

 December 2009 015 December 2009 069

[it looks extra goober-y in this pic because i was trying to comb/part it on the side…nothing horrible but as you can see the bangs are a bit short]

Oh well.

On Saturday our church sponsored Parents’ night out. We took advantage and went to one of our now-favorite spots for happy hour (yup, they have it even on a Saturday!) and then drove out to Eagle Crest (local resort) for the starfest (I think that’s the right name for it). Anyway, nothing too fancy but something to do in the COLD. Good because we didn’t have to get out of our cars!

December 2009 040 December 2009 044 December 2009 046 December 2009 050 December 2009 056 December 2009 057


we went there once by ourselves and decided Cameron would love it so much that we went and picked him up only to drive back out there. Cam’s been so into the lights lately that of course he was excited by the whole thing.

Okay, bye!

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  1. You are becoming a hair cut pro! You could cut mine if you want! I will even sit still and watch Toy Story 2!!! I was thinking about all of our winter adventure's last year and I miss you! I wish we could go 'look at lights' together!
    Love ya!


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