“Just to make sure there’s only one…”

WHAAAAT?! I quietly thought to myself as the midwife mentioned during my first ultrasound today. I believe I said something like “uh, don’t scare me like that...” as she scanned my woman parts, looking for more than one yolk…egg? ( I can’t remember all the lingo just yet) sac. My concerns were put to rest when she confirmed just the one growing child in my uterus. PHEW!

So, today was indeed my first appointment. It was much more pleasant than any of the appointments from my pregancy with Cameron, given the following:

  1. The midwife (Kaiser doesn’t use doctors in the clinics, they are only available as specialists or something…no worries because the MW was great!) actually made eye contact with me.
  2. Asked if I had any questions
  3. Tended to me while I was in my room promptly (as in, I waited much less than an hour while in my glamorous gown for her to check me out)
  4. Talked to me
  5. Treated me like a real person.
  6. Wasn’t a wierdo!

**as you may be thinking these were all problems I had with my last OB. If I’d known better I’d have switched, STAT! Live and learn…**

Anyway, Cameron had to come with me to this SUPER LONG appointment. I was a little nervous, but expected to be in and out in about 90 minutes. The nurses and my midwife were great, played with him and talked to him and even showed him what she was doing during my exam and ultrasound (he was curious as to what was going on “down there” and I thought “sure! I guess there’s nothing wrong with it – wouldn’t want him to think they were hurting mommy!”). I was done with the appointment/consult within the hour. I thought I was home free…


To the lab – waited about 15 minutes for my number to be called while entertaining Cam. Getting a little anxious and nervous at this point…

We sit in my seat and meet a not-so-kid-friendly phlebotomist. Promptly tells me to get that kid away from her and off my lap (I’m sure she had my well being at heart, being she would be stabbing me with a needle) and I was thinking OH CRAP, what am I going to do with my restless toddler?  This is where he starts to fall apart.

I put him down, he steps on my purse and diaper bag, propped against the wall, smashing face into side of booth. Crying follows and lady with the needle is clearly impatient. Another phlebotomist grabs stickers and makes life all better. Thank goodness. Cameron now has 5 giant stickers on the front of his shirt.

I look down and notice she has filled approximately EIGHT vials with my blood. Try not to pass out. No likey.

Go to restroom to provide urine sample. Cameron pulls the “help me” cord and I’m sitting there, panicking that someone is going to walk in on me doing my business. Buzzer sounds for nearly 30 seconds before I figure out how to turn it off. Disturbingly enough no one came to the door for assistance. hmph!

Down to the pharmacy to pick up some OTC fish oil for baby’s developing brain and nervous system (me thinks). Cameron wanders aimlessly while I try to find it and pray I can find him when I’m done (just feeling generally frazzled!!). Pay for pills. DOOONE!!

Stop off at Fred Meyer for mandatory staples (Milk, apples, etc), narrowly missing major meltdown UNTIL it’s time to get in the car. But by then, who cares!? WE MADE IT!!!

Stop at Starbucks for a hard-earned hazelnut mocha. Enjoy! (Don’t worry, I’ve been informed by a variety of medical professionals that caffeine to totally fine in moderation!)

It was a loong morning and I am so proud of our little guy for making it through! He as asleep in his seat by the time I backed out of the parking spot. What a trooper. He saw a lot of umm…interesting things I’m sure today and surprised me at how good he could be.

Long post, right?!

Well, we did accomplish the most important task of the day. We started prenatal care for this new baby we will be calling Betty. We called Cameron Cherino while he was in-utero after a good friend and it’s actually a weird train of thought that lead me to Betty with this one. Boy or girl, it is called Betty :)

For now, the due date is September 6, 2010. I have long cycles and this is more than 10 days off from the pre-ultrasound due date given of August 25th. Because of this I will have to schedule another US to confirm, but…it will probably stay very close to 9/6/10.

January 2010 060

[this puts me at just past 6 weeks today]


  1. thank you for the many laughs! i loved it!
    toddler's + dr apts = not too fun! :)
    love ya! miss ya!

  2. So proud of you! I hope the baby is born on Sept 6th cause that's my birthday! Good luck woman!

  3. Hey lady! I am loving you more and more. I have a midwife and did with Eve as well. I SO love the care I got with my midwives. This time I am delivering at a birth center too. yippee! Anyhow, what a day. Glad it all went pretty smooth considering the circumstances.

  4. Good job Cam! That is Ryan's B-day too! :)

  5. I would be on the floor if that many vials of blood were taken from me. Actually I am on the floor after just one - you are one tough mama! Excited for Betty the egg/yolk sac!


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