Ski day, more Christmas, a wedding + an announcement

December 2009 361 

Keith said he would take me skiing as part of one of my Christmas presents. I didn’t expect it to be so soon, but 12/29 he decided would be a good day to start. Mt. Bachelor has been having free ski days (incredible!) throughout the holiday season, and we knew it would be silly not to take advantage.

December 2009 362 December 2009 363 December 2009 366

Lots of people! I have only been a handful of times on skis so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first time I clipped in I coasted partway to the ski lift and thought “wow! this is the life!” I’ve had a hard time in the past with any snow sport and was happy to find skiing so simple. Or so I thought!

I must have fallen 3 times in less than 5 minutes. I had NO idea what I was doing. I didn’t know really how to get up, or how to control myself. It was very crazy. Foreseeing some sort of major self-inflicted injury, I decided to call it a day and walked down the other half of the bunny hill. I cannot stand the thought of quitting so quickly but I really thought I was seriously going to get hurt. :( Sort of naive for me to think I could have taught myself…I am open to trying again later, though!!

December 2009 369 

While waiting for Keith to take  a few runs, I sat on the patio watching all the non-loppy people. I am a lop – those that can ski are not.

December 2009 370

Keith is a snowboarder but took to skiing very quickly! SUPER STUD!!

December 2009 371 

December 2009 381 December 2009 382 

We had a decent amount of snow. Keith made a snowman with Cameron and Jaden just before everything melted away. I wasn’t there, but word is they loved it!

  December 2009 395

We had another Christmas with Keith’s side of the family who’d been staying with us. We were able to squeeze it in on New Year’s Eve, just before the year came to a close :)

December 2009 392

[Just one of many UNFLATTERING pictures Keith snapped while I was opening this present. Funny!]

I had one last present for Keith…

December 2009 398 December 2009 399 December 2009 400 December 2009 401

Clearly he had no idea what he was looking at! Do you know what that is??? Maybe this will help…

December 2009 466

We are having baby #2!!! [and I would like to verify that cheapie dollar store tests DO work! :)]

**I took that test at 7:30 AM and he didn’t get it until just after 11:00 PM. It was nuts!!!**

 December 2009 402

Once he figured it out, Keith was happy.

December 2009 404

Aunt Lindy made cute little ski hats for all the kids.

December 2009 412 

Sam and Natalie having fun with Cameron

December 2009 413 December 2009 417

The Carpenter side still had one last gift to present to Cameron….

December 2009 419 December 2009 421

He is in love with his Choo-choo table. Plays with it day and night...

Saturday we attended a wedding. The bride is the sister of one of keith’s long time friends, Jarod. Jarod was in our wedding and Michelle (bride) was actually the guest book girl too :)

It was the most amazing wedding. They converted a stable barn and filled it with hundreds, if not thousands, of candle filled mason jars. Super classy but very understated. It was GORGEOUS!!!

December 2009 427 December 2009 428 December 2009 430

Keith and bro Neil making googly eyes in the candlelight.

December 2009 432

Lavender centerpieces.

December 2009 433 December 2009 438 December 2009 452

Of course the only wedding I’ve every been to with an open bar and I couldn’t have any :( Oh well!

December 2009 455 December 2009 456 December 2009 458   

The first year we could dispose of our Christmas tree this way. BURN IT! :) Goodbye Christmas and 2009, helllllooooooo 2010!!! It’s going to be a big year!!!

December 2009 468


  1. Once again, I'm so happy for you two! You make the most wonderful parents and baby #2 is lucky to be coming into your lives.

    I'm thinking that perhaps once you're not prego anymore, you and I can attempt the bunny hill together?! Because I have never skiied before and I am certain I will fall more than you but dang! we'll laugh.

  2. Wow!!! Congrats!!! So exciting!!!

  3. Love the pic's. We miss you guys sooooooooo much. Can't wait to meet baby #2 :)


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