Meet Baby!

It’s been over 2 weeks since our big ultrasound, but I wanted to show off some of the good pics we brought home.

Image (2b)

[Looking up from the bottom]

Because of the timing and location of our appointment, I had to bring Cameron – the hospital doesn’t allow little ones in the US room so that meant Keith had to wait until the end of the exam to get a grand tour of our baby. When the tech asked “are you interested in finding out the gender today?” I definitely said yes but thought I told her I wanted to find out when Keith was there. Well, something about how I said it got lost in translation and about halfway through, BAM! “and there is the penis…” I don’t know what she said after that because I was soooo shocked! I didn’t know how sure I was we were having a girl until the woman told me we weren’t! I specifically remember my jaw dropping so far open…it was sort of embarrassing.

Image (2) 

When Keith came in at the end and saw my dumb look of complete shock, he mistook it for happiness of having a girl. It was cool to know such a big secret and see his surprise turn to excitement for more testosterone in our family when the tech told him the news!

We had the nicest ultrasound technician ever, by the way! What a cool job! I know a couple of people with this job and although they don’t always get to discover fun things like penises and vaginas, it’s really amazing.

 Image (2c)


With Cameron, although we had great insurance our OB was not great. I think I picked some sort of ghetto office because we NEVER got anywhere near to this quality of US. In fact, when we found out Cam was a boy I could not make out a single thing on the 3.5” screen. This time there was a wall-mounted monitor and the tech gave me a super guided tour of his body. I saw the stomach, kidneys, nostrils, heart, brain, everything. It was crazy! This sort of ultrasound made it so much easier to feel bonded to this baby already. I must admit, it took a while with Cameron.  The technology these days is crazy! Do I sound like I’m 95 when I say that???

We are stuck on a name, can’t say I’m surprised one bit. With life being as crazy as it is now, I think we must be waiting for divine intervention…for God to send us a name from heaven…we have very different ideas, to say the least – this should be interesting! Maybe we’ll have to bring the name book to the hospital in order to finalize everything in September :)


  1. Very cute! Our "big" appointment is next week, but I don't think we get wall-mounted monitors. Oh well. We had a name (not saying it is actually "the name" yet) come to us through "divine intervention", so I hope you get the same inspiration soon. Take care!

  2. Boy names were SO hard for us!! How cute...love the ultrasound pics!!! Of course ;). You comin' to Cali anytime soon?? ;)

  3. Veronica! I wish you could do a fancy scan for me! I REALLY want to head down to SoCal but nothing is in the works right now :( You wanna get away to Oregon? Bring your equipment :)

  4. How exciting! Good luck picking out a name...we are still trying to figure out both girl and boy names (seeing as we wanted to wait to find out the sex). Hope you are feeling well! Crazy we only have 2 more months!


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