A bridal shower

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of helping to put together Lindy’s bridal shower (Keith’s sister). I’ve known her for over 10 years, it is hard to imagine her as a grown up so this shower was a little weird for me. I was in charge of decor and also decided to give making cake balls a try. They took a while but were a major success! (I gauge success based on the fact that they were edible…phew!)

 April 2010 132

Take a cooked cake, mix in 3/4 can of frosting and make these. Messy and I can’t say they look so yummy….yet!

April 2010 131

Dip in candy melts and sprinkle…voila! Pretty yummy.

April 2010 144

Sweet fish dish for making tuna casserole, specifically. Don’t break the rules, Lindy!

April 2010 157

Yes I was the only one who got her a “pretty” but still, she needs it! Ewwww.

April 2010 159

I’d never made one of these before, proud to say I didn’t screw it up to badly!

April 2010 161

 April 2010 164 April 2010 165

The colors? Lime green and black. It was a fun challenge…I found that rad wrapping paper at Target and used it as table runners + accents all over the place. Thanks to the great blogs out there I got some good ideas otherwise I would have been totally lost!

Sister and bro-in-law sold their car for cash today. Photo op!

 IMG_5471 IMG_5473 IMG_5474 IMG_5476

Mom, I like money! Buy me something?


  1. Benjamins! BAM! You should throw an old pic of Cam & all his $1 bills from way back. Nice post sweetheart, I love you! (FROM Keith)

  2. thats a pretty sweet recipe, and website for that matter. The party looked gorgeous, so good in fact you should always leave them up and just throw party after party.

  3. Choach - Love the color scheme for the shower! I am planning my friend's baby shower for this summer and I will look at Target for coordinating wrapping for a table runner. Great idea and WAY cheaper than fabric!


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