I’m a little concerned. do you ever feel like life is moving too fast? We have so much happening right now, sometimes I find myself wondering why los Claytons seem to have a gajillion things going on (when there is a time we have things happening).

We haven’t chosen a name (maybe we are close…?). The very idea of doing so seems exhausting. Keith and I are bad with names. Granted, we did an amazing job finding Cameron’s name :) but are we tapped out of good names? Sometimes I feel like it. Just knowing how many thousand times I say Cam’s name throughout the course of a day creates even more pressure to do a good job! This baby isn’t the only one who has to live with this name – as parents we are stuck with it too!

I could go on and on about Cuppa Yo stuff, but the biggest stress is knowing 3 of us will be 100% in charge of staffing it from 11am-10pm (Su-Th) and 11am-midnight (fri-sat). before Keith is done with school we will have to be sending the boys all over the state to stay with relatives – that in itself will be a challenge for everyone! We could use your prayers in this department!

I’m helping plan our 10 year reunion this summer. So far it hasn’t been too much work, but I can only imagine as it gets closer (mid-August) things will start to pile on. I will also be 38 weeks pregnant – Cameron came when I was 38w, 5days. Pretty sure that’s not allowed to happen with this baby. Please, baby wait until this reunion is done! (although I’m sure I will be ready otherwise :)

Cam is really having problems with Keith being gone. I can see it in his behavior and sleep patterns. We are all so ready to be done with this! Just a few more weeks! His last official day of school is June 16 with a whole week off the 1st-5th. we are close to the finish line.

Yup, that’s us in a nutshell. It does feel better (and really not so bad) to get it all out in the open. Please, if you feel so inclined, pray for us! Balance will be huge (and sooo important) for us this summer!

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