Good times

Holy cow it was so nice to finally see the sun this weekend! We also convinced Keith to play hooky from school on Monday, so a 3-day weekend was even better! We managed to squeeze in lots of good stuff, including a trip to the skate park, a hike up Pilot Butte, a birthday party/BBQ, work at Cuppa Yo and all the random stuff that fell in between.

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[whatever this concrete hill is really for, Cameron would rather use it as a slide!]

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[Hiking up Pilot Butte]

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Cuppa Yo is really coming along! We are hoping to open June 1.

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May 2010 008

[Pretty tired after a loooong 3 day weekend. Looks like dad!]

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  1. So I want to know the story with Cameron peeing... Also, I was introduced to a serve-your-own-yogurt for the first time about a month ago when I was up in Phoenix for Doug's drill...and loved it. He has drill again this weekend, and that will definitely be one of our stops. I'm sure your product will be just as great. :)


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