Wrapped up in frozen yogurt. Brrr.

Some of you are probably soooo sick of hearing about it BUT this blog is the life of Los Claytons and right now, Cuppa Yo is what we are wrapped up in.

We opened Wednesday, June 2nd and it’s been chaos ever since. The shop is running really smoothly, TONS of people coming in. Dozens of trips to Costco/restaurant supply to keep up with the demand…working 15 hour days…it’s exhausting but obviously we are excited!

For me, it is so crazy to think that just a few months ago I was unsure if we’d be able to pull this off. It’s totally one of those things where God answered prayer in a major way. Months of uncertainty, doubt (on my part), hard work, sleepless nights have been replaced by days of cutting fruit, taking money, greeting guests, pouring yogurt, EATING yogurt….

IT’s been really hard juggling family and this business – for obvious reasons I think. I feel like I’ve barely seen Cameron in a week – he’s now staying in Portland with Keith’s brother and sister in law (we are so blessed that they are willing to do that!!!). Keith was here last week to help get the store off the ground for the first week so we were able to share child-watching duties, but it’s definitely going to be a little rough until he’s done with school (June 17th baby! YEAH!)

But, I am so proud of us! We started this journey over a year ago, just talking while on vacation in Kauai. We told people about it, but I’m sure weren’t taken very seriously. God gave us the resources (whatever we could scrape together of ours and an investor), provided us with the most amazing location we could have ever asked for – it’s just out of control. I cannot believe this is my life right now! It’s crazy but I wouldn’t trade any of it! Thank you everyone for your support!


  1. So amazing! So good to hear you give glory to God too! He is our amazing provider! I will pray for your heart as you miss Cam! But pray God gives you peace and strength as you take this journey on! I am so excited for you guys! Can't wait to come visit sometime! Can I get free yogurt if I come visit you? or atleast a free sample? (HAA JK!) Love ya and miss each Clayton!

  2. So glad to hear that things are going well! It seems like you really got it together in such a short time! Congrats on all of your hard work coming together! God really is good! I doubt we'll be making it up to Oregon anytime soon...but seriously...think about expanding to Arizona! :)

  3. I want some yogurt to soothe my uterus. Boo.


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