What’s been up, up, up

I am THE lamest blogger ever these days. I knew it would happen but still I have trouble accepting it.

Business is still great, we have been able to hire a total of 6 employees so far and it has taken so much of the “burden” (time-wise) from each of us. We rapidly went from working 80+ hours a week to just around 50. Hallelujah!

By the grace of God (seriously!) my body still feels great and the long days aren’t as bad as I was thinking they would be. I also found myself an excellent chiropractor and am now a total believer! Chiropractic for life! I cannot believe how good my back and body feel as a result of 5 (or less…I seem to have lost track) adjustments. amazingness.

Speaking of work and such, we have gotten to the point where we have one WHOLE day off and several mornings or evenings, depending on the day. It’s so great to have a “normal” life again, but I can’t help think it will all go away as soon as this baby is born. I am nervous about being useful to Cuppa Yo and having a new baby at the same time and being an emotional wreck dealing with all the things in between. It seems I am not pleasant to be around when sleep deprived, hormonal and stressed. Hmmmm…

My camera is in the shop and has been for almost 2 weeks. Some sort of battery issue I was having that didn’t seem to be cured by new batteries. Bummer.

Last week we did get out on our day off with some friends to check out the lake on their boat. SO AWESOME but it was pretty sad that it was our first real day in the sun, despite it being mid-July.

My baby shower is slated for August 7th. I have the lamest registry ever. In fact, it feels weird asking for things when I feel like I already have most of it from the first time around. This is more of an excuse to be with family/friends and not be at work, I think  :) I wish I were more connected to people locally, starting to realize I have NO FRIENDS! Oh why does it take so long to make friends? I miss so many people who are down south! SERIOUSLY.

Welp, that’s all!

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