Camera is back…

…time to unload the memory card from waay back. Most of these  pics are from the start of July…

Cameron had his first day of preschool. He’s been going 5 days a week noon-5ish and doing great. Turns out he’s the youngest guy there but he’s holding his own. He has picked up some ‘fun’ things along the way – hitting and pinching has been something to deal with for the past couple of weeks. But, the poor kid has had so many changes the past month or two. I feel for him but some of these new behaviors are NOT okay! Anyway, he is learning a lot and the social aspect of it all is really good for him, we think. Here’s from his first day.

July 2010 003

he thinks he’s too cool for school…

July 2010 007 July 2010 015

July 1st we celebrated Keith’s 28th birthday. It was our FIRST whole day off – what perfect timing!!

First thing, off to the park to feed the ducks.

July 2010 029 July 2010 033 July 2010 035 July 2010 041 July 2010 045 July 2010 058

Before dropping the boys off at preschool, time for the park!

 July 2010 076

Mexican food downtown at El Jimador! **We miss the socal mexi food! Much better and cheaper! waaaaaah**

July 2010 084 

[posing with our leftover tortillas. Tortilla masks are the best, aren’t they!?]

July 2010 088

ummm, not sure what’s happening here

July 2010 106

The boys loved the masks too! Of course!

 July 2010 113 July 2010 115

Brownies for cake. And ice cream (read: NOT froyo – we needed some time apart from froyo. Don’t worry, we’re friends again now)

 July 2010 119 July 2010 123

We’ve I’ve been desperately searching Craigslist for a twin bed. Cam has been in the toddler conversion of our crib and I couldn’t do the baby room until the crib was free…finally, I found one!! A good price and just what we needed! We ran to Target this morning where he picked out new sheets and comforter. While at preschool, we picked up the bed and just before dinner we got it all put together.  He loves his new bed! And since the crib is free, you know what that means….Jackson has a room! It’s almost finished and pictures are coming. In the meantime, here Cam FINALLY fell asleep in his big boy bed.

July 2010 147 July 2010 149

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  1. Great pictures! I can't believe how much he looks like Keith!


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