Riding a bike + a birthday!

Keith taught Cameron to ride a big boy bike a couple of days ago. I couldn’t believe it! He’s so big already!

August 2010 004 August 2010 006 August 2010 010

Yesterday we celebrated my 28th birthday. The day started off with some girl time, manis/pedis at my favorite salon and then SUSHI. So good. I brought my camera but never busted it out – you will have to take my word that this really happened :)

Keith planned a party – invited a few friends over and BBQ’d the best tri-tip ever. YUMMY.

August 2010 013 August 2010 015 August 2010 017

Birthday girl wanted cheesecake. I was pretty excited about it.

August 2010 025 August 2010 044

The aftermath. What a great day!

August 2010 046


  1. Glad you had such a great birthday!!

  2. I see aftermath of thompson veggies :)
    Makes me miss you..:(


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