Getting there!

Welp, the camera problem has been fixed (long story, sort of depressing) and I am getting back into the swing of taking pictures again (it was a loooooooong time without functioning). Now that I have a camera that is cooperating, look out! :) Here are some of the ones I’ve taken playing with the new goods (AKA camera)…

I love it now that Jackson has started to open his eyes – it’s much easier to tell what he looks like. Pretty sure he’s going to be cute!

We’ve been working on getting him into more of a predictable schedule – we definitely did not do this with Cam and my goodness life was crazy for waaaay too long! It’s been about a week and last night he slept for FOUR hour stretches between feedings, TWICE! MIRACULOUS! As a slightly exhausted mommy, let me say I am loving this schedule. Baby wise is my new friend. I would like to publicly thank Sandy for encouraging me on this and inspiring me not to be such a ‘rule follower’ in order to make it work for us! Thanks, friend!

September 2010 060 September 2010 066 September 2010 069

Oktoberfest is on downtown. Steph and I took the boys down and it was complete chaos. My head was spinning, but it was my first outing without Jackson. I didn’t realize we’ve been attached at the hip for almost a solid month! Anyway, there were a couple bounce houses set up. Of course every kid in Central Oregon was there! Like I said, it was craziness but very fun :)

September 2010 080

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  1. Great pictures of Jackson! (And may I just say that I prefer your spelling--Doug's friend just named her new son "Jaxson"). I'm reading Babywise as well...taking it all with a grain of salt, but hoping it works!


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