I am loving life with a camera! See for yourself…

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september 2010 129

If you look closely, you’ll see this bike has no pedals. Keith made him a push bike out of last year’s garage sale find. These bikes are big here in Bend and are supposed to be better than using training wheels because a kid learns his own sense of balance. So far so good! We’ve seen kids much younger than Cam ripping around on their push bikes…hopefully he’ll be riding around on his big boy bike by this time next year!

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 September 2010 152 September 2010 165 September 2010 168

Cam wanted the baby with him in his big boy bed.

September 2010 172 

Such a bruiser! Giving J a hug/chokehold

September 2010 174 September 2010 200

Baby J is falling over and this is funny apparently

 September 2010 201 September 2010 208

 September 2010 212 September 2010 214

Cam is giving J his first bottle ever. It’s a big  job!!

September 2010 216 September 2010 218 September 2010 223

Going to the Beaver game tomorrow (Saturday) and picked these up to make sure his ears are protected. I love the way they squish his little face! too funny!!

September 2010 224


  1. Love the pictures! Unfortunately...I don't think I'll be able to make it to the UA/OSU game on Oct 9th. I think Ella still may be too little for a game that soon (9 days...yeah...too little). But it's great to know that the ear protectors exist!

  2. So sweet! Your boys are just precious! Love them!


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