Guess who’s three?!

October 2010 095

Hard to believe it’s already been THREE years! We seriously cannot imagine what our lives would be like without Cameron (BOOORRRRRRIIIIINNNG!). He keeps us on our toes, and we like it that way.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago he looked like this:picture 002 


In other news, we’ve been slightly more busy than in the past. It’s been nice being able to get out beyond our town. Keith has been working 50+ hours and I recently started working 20ish hours/week but we definitely have days off. We love taking advantage of time off!

We headed over to Corvallis for the OSU v. Arizona State game. We made it 2/3 over before needing to stop to feed Jackson. We found a beautiful park and while I was feeding J, Keith snapped these shots.

October 2010 003 October 2010 004

We made it! Me, Kristen (middle – just got a job as in instructor at OREGON STATE! Represent! She’s a doctor!) and Liz – we just met :)

 October 2010 006

Stuffed Beaver at the tailgate we stopped at. RADNESS.

October 2010 009 October 2010 012 October 2010 016 October 2010 021

Look at that glorious sea of orange.

October 2010 052

Those ear muffs were MONEY. Absolutely crucial.

 October 2010 058 October 2010 060

Winners! And check out that sky.

October 2010 071 October 2010 073 October 2010 077 October 2010 078 October 2010 080

Keith has recently connted with this guy (Bill Swancutt) he and wife Abby are big time Cuppa Yo fans – this is why Keith is holding the CY card near his head.

 October 2010 091

 October 2010 101

Crapped out. Long day.

We stayed with my family living in Springfield (1.5ish hours from Corvallis) that weekend.

No trip to Springfield is complete without a trip to the park and skatepark.

 October 2010 138

Sister Rebekah

October 2010 141


 October 2010 147

Pretty much one of the best ways to carry a baby. Ever.

October 2010 152 October 2010 158 October 2010 169

October 2010 208

Obviously Cam has had many haircuts but I finally caved and took him for a real one from a professional. Very cute! I wanted to take a million more pics but didn’t want to freak out the stylist.

 October 2010 226 October 2010 227 October 2010 229

Finished! Love the spikes!

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  1. Great pictures! We didn't make it to the OSU/UA game yesterday (I ended up in the hospital instead--see my post), but if anyone is going to knock off our #9 Wildcats...it should be the Beavers! Take care!


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