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We’ve been super busy since our last post. In sort of a last-minute decision, we moved a week early in order to be in our new house by Christmas. We luuuuuuurve our new house and the neighborhood is beyond rad. Here’s our humble abode. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty sweet. Some day I’ll take time to take a few pics, including the amaaaaazing kitchen with a SIX burner stove. It’s the coolest thing ever (not bragging, just being straight up!) We are sooo sooo sooo blessed to call this home!

da house

So, that meant we ended up moving Christmas Eve and had Domino’s pizza for dinner. Seriously it was a pretty miserable day but worth it in the end! Thankfully Keith’s dad and stepmom made the trip to help us move and celebrate the holiday with us. We definitely couldn’t have done it without them!!

Words are extremely unnecessary. Here are the last couple of weeks in pictures…

December 2010 599 December 2010 643 December 2010 645

[We jacked the Christmas tree from the shop and Santa brought Christmas – the whole thing, including decorations – over night this year]

December 2010 657 December 2010 659

[new toy. thanks, grammie!]

December 2010 670 

[left some cookies for Santa and he left a note! Thanks, Santa!]

Tonight we tried rice cereal with Jackson. Not a total hit, but we did get some “great” pictures

December 2010 757 December 2010 758 December 2010 760 December 2010 765 December 2010 766 December 2010 767 December 2010 772 December 2010 774


December 2010 781

Thanks for putting up with us, Jackson! :)


  1. Your house is gorgeous! Congrats you guys, I am green with envy.

  2. LOVE picture stories! Girl, your house is AMAZING! What a ginormous blessing!!!!!!
    P.S. Happy new year!!


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