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Seems like our blog is turning into the Jackson show and I’m sure it’s because he tends to stay still much longer than any 3 year old I’m ever around.

Cameron loves his little brother more than ever and loves to hang out with him on the floor and play toys with him.

Jackson recently figured out how to roll over and discovered his feet. He’s wasn’t doing great in the sleep department but after a few doses of gripe water he’s doing AMAZING and sleeping as I thought he should be all along. Glad to have found a solution, I was up every 2.5-3.5 hours. Definitely not normal.

We’ve started giving him solids every other day or so, he’s getting the hang of the spoon thing. Still not sure about all that texture in his mouth.


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Rolling over like a champ!

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Playing in the snow. I included this pic of myself because I was trying to get a pic of us together and he did something silly and this is what I got. Makes me laugh!

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We have pics of cameron in this same snowman suit from the same age. Seems like Cam liked it a little more. Yes, we tortured our son for a picture.

picture 047Cameron, 2007

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You’re funny, daddy!

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  1. It is shocking how much they look alike!

    Thanks for the circumcision advice. I think we are going to go for it - it is what Jason has wanted all along and I don't have really any preference :) I just didn't want to make a decision by default without doing the research, but I agree with you that it really seems to come down to personal preference - there is not too much evidence favoring one way over another.

    I wouldn't be too worried about the bag except with the c-section I'll be in the hospital for four or five days, so I don't want to be without my comforts of home! Especially w/o underwear - you know how that goes...


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