Call the waaaahmbulance

I’ve been given a partial sick day – sometimes my vision and head just go wack-o, so here I sit with blogging to do.

Cameron is absolutely HILARIOUS. He’s always finding new funny faces to make or silly things to do with his body – anything for a laugh. He’s our resident comedian and LOOOVES any ounce of attention he can get. He adores his little brother and is always wanting to hug baby Jackson. I can’t wait for Jackson to get bigger (okay, I can wait…) so they can play together and be best buddies.

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Jackson is almost 7 months to the day. The last month has been rough health-wise, he was sick (well, we all were) and had two ear infections in three weeks. After the first ear infection we got him sleeping through the night for FOUR miraculous days before we realized he had another one. We started from scratch (enter horrible, horrible crying it out) and I’m so excited to say he’s back to sleeping TWELVE hours without waking. I can confidently say Cameron never really slept through the night until he was 2.

This time around we’re making sure things are different and I am realizing how important sleep is to my parenting choices. Well rested mommy = happy mommy = happy kids :)

Baby J is the happiest baby I have ever seen.  Like his brother he’s a total ham and knows how to turn on the charm for the camera. Whenever he sees his brother he lights up and gives him the biggest smile.

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