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Looking at how long it’s been since I’ve blogged I am bummed out. I would love the motivation to do this more often, I guess I just don’t have it. BUT I do plan to keep this blog up because I think it’s a great way to keep in touch with YOU and share what’s up in our life.

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Coincidentally, I can’t say much has been up in our life. We’ve managed to stay busy with random things here and there, but nothing major. These past few days have been big. Last Sunday we had Jackson dedicated at our home church, Antioch and yesterday he was baptized at his Great Grandparents church, the same place we had Cameron baptized. Although Keith was raised and confirmed in the Lutheran church (they believe firmly in infant baptism), some of his views have changed but he wanted to have both our boys (and probably any future children) baptized. If either decides later in life that he would like to be re-baptized, we will fully support that – without question! Either way, the baptism was a great reason to get together with family!

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I looove the drive from The Dalles to home. It always reminds me why I love Oregon so much. What’s not to love?! :)

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We had a family photo shoot (Jackson 6 months) and also recently built a bed. I will be posting about each soon!     


  1. Doug was raised Lutheran as well, and his family is big on infant baptism (perhaps too big, if you ask me...and not for the "right" reasons). But it's important to them, and like you said, the kids can be baptized again later in life if/when they choose it for themselves.

  2. J's eyes with that hat on are so cute! Miss you guys!!


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