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February 2011 261

[definitely not going anywhere today. No, thank you!]

Just when I thought we were going to get lucky with a super-weak winter in Central Oregon, this happens. In my heart of hearts I knew it was coming but I guess you could say I’m in denial. And THIS is not going anywhere soon. No bueno.

In other news, we’ve been doing some of the fun stuff with baby Jackson. We finally took him out in the stroller the other day (I’m more of a baby-wearer this time around) and solids are becoming a more consistent part of his diet. The other day he even slept the ENTIRE NIGHT (11pm-8am) but mommy mommy and daddy haven’t gotten lucky twice. Still working on that.

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Jackson is just an extremely happy and content baby. I LOOOOVE THIS BABY SO MUCH! (and he’s cute too, don’t cha think?!)

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Cameron, on the other hand, is not happy and content. Well, he is but has had more bad moments than I ever remember. Not sure if he is testing us (mostly mom) or what. Suddenly, I have ‘that’ kid. The one who throws tantrums in the middle of Pizza Mondo. And I have become ‘that’ mom. The one who buys the brownie her son is clinging to just to keep him from making a scene. I guess that is what you could call survival mode? I’m not proud of it, but with Keith and I working mostly opposite schedules we are with the kids alone most of the time, these days. Never again will I judge a “weak” looking mom at the grocery store (or anywhere else), because that woman is me!

Example: last night Cameron and I had over a 20 minute back and forth consisting of only this:

Cameron: “I wanna read books in your bed”

Me: “No, you weren’t being a good boy so now you have to lay in your bed” (long story)

Cam: “I wanna read books in your bed” *jumping up and down, crying and screaming*

Me: “No, get in your bed”

I’m not kidding. Over TWENTY MINUTES. I’m not even sure how I managed to get him in his bed. I’ve tried everything: forcing him, logic/explaining things, spankings, not talking to him…he is the most stubborn child I have ever seen! (or just a toddler…?) Is this normal?

I’m hoping if I can just ride this out he’ll realize that mom and dad are the boss and no tantrums will help him get his way – unless we are in the middle of a packed Pizza Mondo :)

These are the days of our lives…


  1. Melissa--from everything that I have seen and read and know about you (and Keith), you are a wonderful mother. Hang in there!

  2. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. He might just be adjusting to the new schedule with you and Keith. All I know is that repetition is key, especially for the younger kids. Mine is starting to think "NO" means I'm playing a game. UGH!

  3. Oh yeah, I am familiar with all that. I think it's just normal. It doesn't mean it's easy, but like you said, sometimes we are in survival mode. I know you do wonderfully! You just have to be reminded of that every once in a while.


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