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June started out with a bang. We celebrated one year of Cuppa Yo. The meaningfulness (yup, real word I think) of the day didn’t really hit me until the actual day. To have the first year under our belts feels so good! There was a lot of uncertainty going in (especially about the colder months) but we had faith we would be fine. God totally provided (and continues to do so) and we are on the verge of opening stores 2 and 3! What an amazing year – we have been so blessed. It’s been a lot of hard work but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Keith and I took the boys up to Tumalo Falls for our first ever trip. Turns out it’s only 10 or so minutes up the road. A fun little day trip (or a couple of hours since I had to be to work by 10). When they’re older we can explore a little more, there’s even a trail to walk behind the water – but I don’t think the park rangers would approve. Tisk, tisk.

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Jackson is on the verge of mobility. Last night he started rocking back and forth on all fours. We all know that crawling shant (yes, also a word) be far behind. I guess since he’s now 9.5 months, this was bound to happen but I’d be lying if I said I was excited about this. With the ability to move, everyone will have to be more responsible for legos and other small parts. Scary.

Sidenote: he’s pretty flippin’ cute.

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Cameron had his first field trip today at preschool and although I wasn’t there, Jackson and I had a picnic consisting of pureed squash and graham crackers. Jackson also indulged in grass. Yumm-o.

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Your ‘food’ is all over your face, baby.

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We are preparing for a pretty intense summer. Our 2nd store should be open by June 29th. And we are working to coordinate the third being open by mid to late July. We’ve also set up a mobile vending cart and have booked ourselves for a couple dozen or more appearances. Oye. Someday I’d love to get a video tour of the stores on here as well as some sort of house tour. That way, friends of socal, you can see your room WHEN you come for a visit (aka breath of fresh air, anyone?). ♥

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  1. Love J's face with the grass on it! His smile is so cute!
    So cool to read all the Cuppa Yo news! It's awesome! I love that you are expanding! I think of you guys so much! Miss ya!
    Love ya mucho!


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